"I have always been drawn to the wild. The more I study yoga, the more I am convinced that yoga is about our relationship with the energy field that sustains us, the biosphere."


Prior to yoga, Dennis Eagan spent most of his life as a wilderness guide and outdoor educator. He took his first yoga class in 1985 with Lynne Minton in Anchorage, Alaska. By 1989 he had an hour-long daily practice that saved him from spinal surgery. He was hooked. 

Dennis moved to Berkeley, California in 1997 to attend Piedmont Yoga's Advanced Studies Program with Rodney Yee. He spent seven years in Berkeley, teaching 15 classes a week while continuing yoga studies with Rodney, Donald Moyer at the Yoga Room, and Tony Briggs.


Dennis founded Wild Yoga in 2004 in order to combine his passion for yoga with his love of the outdoors. Wild Yoga retreats blend yoga with wilderness adventures such as whitewater rafting, sea kayaking, hiking, and skiing. Wild Yoga Teacher Training programs are based on the five elements of Samkhya and provide an in-depth look at the ancient philosophy behind the practice.

Currently Dennis is working on a book about his explorations of the coast of Alaska by kayak and another book on the nature of yoga.  He presented his Yoga, Animals and Ecology program at the 2009 Green Yoga Conference at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and at the 2011 Yoga Alliance Leadership Conference. Dennis lives in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada with his artist wife and two cats.